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Xing Xun electronic partner : Huawei , ZTE , Gree Group , Great Wall Computer , Bidi Automobile , Bosch , Navigation , beauty , beacon fire , Lu Xun , stepping high , Yang Ming , Shante , Guangbao , Jiuzhou , Taida , Kangjia Group , Aipuos , Lishi , Siemens , Haier , Haier , Hangsheng , Desai , Eaton , Panasonic , Samsung and so on.
Strictly according to the ISO9001-2000 quality management system standards, 128 quality control points strictly control responsibility to people, to ensure that each batch of products are in line with relevant standards.
In 2010, Xingxun Electronics will start the development of E-commerce network marketing in an all-round way. Through the E-official website, Baidu search engine, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms, we will enhance the influence of dealers.

1Star fast electronic, worthy of your trust!星迅电子,值得您信赖!

Xingxun Electronics Enterprise specializes in R & D and production for 15 years

Working with world famous enterprises, such as HUAWEI, ZTE, GREE group, the Great Wall computer,
BYD motor,BBK, Delta, Konka Group, Epp Kos, pioneer, SIEMENS, Haier, Panasonic, Samsung, etc.

2Good quality品质好

All precision core parts are imported from Japan, providing you with more precise and stable products.

*The equipment sold has been tested by testing instrument, processing technology index, electrical reliability test, etc.

*Strictly according to jis manufacturing standard acceptance, according to is09001 standard quality system production

3High performance price ratio性价比高

Factory direct sales, first hand source, the 0 link in the middle, the same price quality is better.

*Annual output can reach 600 sets, large-scale production, products sold all over the country and Southeast Asia and other countries

4Good reputation口碑好

Has obtained more than 30 listed companies and more than 1000 well-known enterprises bulk procurement

*More than 30 top 500 enterprises and more than 1000 well-known enterprises have chosen us to purchase in batches.

5Good stability稳定性好

Adopt the national standard high carbon steel, no deformation, high precision,
no vibration structure when processing, durable

*Good quality of Taiwan imported wire and components configuration,
long-term protection of the equipment good accuracy and stability

6Round the clock service全天候上门服务

Automation equipment manufacturer First launch - "3 free 1 delivery service",
door-to-door service is more intimate.

*48 hours free door-to-door technical guidance

*Free and regular mechanical maintenance, maintenance

*24 hours a day free online to answer questions

*If equipment parts are damaged within 1 year, spare parts will be sent free of charge and installed on site


+ MoreThe successful case / 客户案例

Y capacitive pin casing forming

Y capacitive pin casing forming


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Guangbao Group, Group Light Gro

Guangbao Group, Group Light Gro


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Dongguan gems, high efficiency,

Dongguan gems, high efficiency,


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Group light group diode sleeve

Group light group diode sleeve


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+ More ABOUT US / 关于我们

Shenzhen xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Has grown into a professional manufacturer of design and development, machining, assembly, sales and service for all kinds of electronic parts forming machine, braiding machine and pcb auxiliary equipment after decades of rapid development. The main products of the company are: Crystal locking screw machine, platform screw machine, aluminum machine plate multi-knife splitter, braiding machine, high-speed foot cutting machine, electronic parts forming machine, PCB auxiliary equipment, etc. Its quality has reached the advanced level of the same industry The company in line with the "customer first" purpose, the implementation of 24-hour after-sales service system, and to provide customers with high added-value production equipment.

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